Our Team

Jessica Shatzel

Executive Search Manager

Jess Shatzel became Manager of DRi’s Executive Search team after spending two years as an Executive Search Associate.

Jess is a natural fit for the country’s leading executive search firm for development staff. She began a career in non-profit fundraising before moving to DRi. She served for 4 years at The Fund for Geneseo and managed special events at both the American Cancer Society and National Kidney Foundation, raising more than $1.2 million. Jess’s experience in development allows her to bring an insider’s perspective to screening conversations with frontline fundraising staff. In this role, she helps DRi serve as one of the only executive search firms in the country to offer executive search services for entry-level fundraisers.

At DRi, Jess has built on her understanding of development by quickly applying the fundamentals of outreach and stakeholder relations to executive search. She has identified high-quality candidates for expanding development programs at AAUW, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, and SOS Children’s Villages.

Jess is attracted to seeing the myriad approaches that different non-profits have devised to make an impact and understands that these varied approaches require many different kinds of people, as well. With a personal interest in veterans’ groups and healthcare organizations, Jess also has a keen sense of how to identify the right person for a job in any sector. Jess encourages candidates to reach out to her directly on LinkedIn to see what opportunities they might be right for.

In addition to her prior experience in non-profit development, Jess also worked for nearly 2 years with the Washington Post, where she coordinated live conferences and editorial events before joining DRi. Jess holds a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in communications from the State University of New York at Geneseo. She enjoys hiking in her free time and has backpacked the Grand Canyon.