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Cindy O’Kane

Senior Consultant/Executive Coach
Senior Consultant/Executive Coach

Cindy O’Kane is a leadership coach and business consultant specializing in the non-profit arena and the Director of O’Kane Advisory Group executive leadership coaching. DRpartners with Cindy to bring a comprehensive suite of executive coaching services to DRi‘s clients and candidates.

Cindy offers more than 20 years of experience in business and organizational development consulting. She leads a holistic approach to coaching that focuses on the “whole person,” not just the business problem at hand. This approach helps senior executives understand how they think, how they approach challenges, and how they engage with their teams, where they have blind spots and what may be holding them back. When leaders gain insights into their own drivers and behaviors, they can bring forth their greatest strengths and tap into those of their organization, as well as the individuals within. They are better-positioned for positive growth and the probability of success.

Cindy holds an MBA from Boston University, an MSW from Syracuse University, and a certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. She sits on the board of various local non-profits.