Staffing Assessments + Design

The best non-profits never stop innovating, evolving, and growing. That means new strategies, new programs—and new organizational structures to carry them out. As a firm dedicated to building non-profit capacity, DRi has been an expert guide in the process of assessing and designing organizational structure for non-profits at every stage of development, from blue-chip to start-up.

Staffing is Strategy

Designing an organizational structure is not about figuring out where to draw lines and boxes on a page. It’s about determining your stakeholders of the future. Who needs to be part of your organization, how and when do they need to communicate with each other, and on what projects will they work together? If they work effectively, what new partners, volunteers, and donors will you be able to engage? What new communities will you be able to serve? Each organizational structure is a blueprint for an engine that will help you grow, thrive, and excel.

Executive Search + Development Consulting = Strategic Staffing Design

DRi brings the uniquely comprehensive perspective of an executive search and development consulting firm to the work of designing organizational structures that fuel non-profit growth. As a firm that recruits leaders at every level of non-profit management and also works side-by-side with non-profit leaders to develop bold strategies and to find imaginative ways to execute them, we know exactly what it takes to design a staff that will help transform you into the new version of the organization you want to be.

We bring a sophisticated knowledge of sector-wide practices to every organizational structure we design. We know what trend-setters, competitors, and innovators are doing. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of distinct structures for distinct kinds of non-profits. We can predict what structures will be supple and allow you to evolve. We know what those structures will cost, and we know how they will affect your recruitment of candidates.

But we also know that the set of answers to all of these questions will not be identical for every single non-profit. That’s why there is no single organizational structure every non-profit should adopt. Based on your organization’s history, identity, and aspirations, we will work with you to create a blueprint for how you will become the next version of your non-profit.