Executive Onboarding

DRi’s executive search process is designed to ensure that our clients and candidates are positioned to work effectively together from day one. But the early days of working together require a great deal of coordination to learn a new a set of expectations, processes, personal styles, and more. For the most senior positions, this process can be just as daunting as finding the right candidate—and to steward the resources you’ve invested in the hire, it needs to go well.

DRi applies its comprehensive knowledge of non-profit operations to the onboarding process. We work with leaders to ensure that they not only acquire knowledge, but even more importantly build relationships, in their opening days. That may require working with Board members, executive leadership teams, volunteers, donors, partners, and members. Engaging such critical stakeholders is a routine part of DRi’s work. We marshal our expertise and resources to prioritize the most important activities, streamline logistical processes, and monitor results and make changes in real time.

Onboarding Services

Some of our specific onboarding services include:

  • Leading an internal onboarding team composed of Board members, leaders, and staff who will
    oversee a new leader’s integration into your organization
  • Developing a specific first-90-days onboarding plan and calendar that prioritizes and assigns
    tasks, ensuring everyone understands their role and nothing is overlooked
  • Creating an introductory packet that will acquaint a new leader with critical expectations and
  • Providing individualized coaching as a new leader acclimates to their new organizational home

How to Get Started

When you reach out to DRi for an executive search, ask us to talk more about the kinds of onboarding services that can be built into the process and what is right for you.