Functional Coaching

A well-conceived and carefully executed fundraising program is the fuel of non-profit growth. But the best development programs reach beyond the fundraising department to engage everyone at all levels and branches of non-profit management–from the chief executive to program directors to member services staff. Of course, those who are not professional fundraisers may feel daunted by the prospect of effectively overseeing such a comprehensive development operation. DRi provides Board and leadership coaching to help you learn to do it.

Managing a Development Team to Success

Effective management of a development team starts with establishing ambitious and achievable revenue targets. DRi’s leadership coaching can help you set informed stretch targets based on your non-profit’s giving history and resources. To make the process sustainable, we also help you integrate fundraising projections into the strategic planning process so that resources and goals are aligned and opportunities for new funding sources and related programming are never overlooked.

A plan is only the first step, though. Board members and leaders have a responsibility to monitor fundraising results quarterly so appropriate adjustments can be made and there are no year-end surprises. DRi works with you to establish what the metrics of success should be. Our leadership coaching focuses on the development of a comprehensive scorecard, including process-oriented metrics as well as qualitative and quantitative results, that tell you where you are at any given moment and what precise features of your program are propelling you forward or lagging behind.

Participating in Development

One critical measure of success for any development program is the role that Board members and leaders play in it. DRi’s leadership coaching will help you know what to expect in your role, how to be a confident and comfortable participant, and how to build effective partnerships with your professional fundraising team.

How to Get Functional Coaching

You can take a simple survey DRi has developed to quickly measure the effectiveness of your current fundraising program. To begin setting more ambitious goals and becoming more involved in monitoring and achieving them, reach out to us at [email protected] or at 703-294-6684.