Executive Coaching

Hiring is one path to growth, but it’s not the only one. Even if you’ve attracted and kept the best talent, that talent must evolve to stay relevant. That evolution can be hard to focus on for executives who are busy worrying about results, but when you’re responsible for an entire organization or department, focusing on how you work improves results overall. DRi works in partnership with Evolver Consulting to provide transformative executive coaching that helps leaders become models of growth and catalysts of achievement within non-profit organizations.

Get Better Information and Make Better Decisions

Our executive coaches are certified to help executives understand personal obstacles to effective leadership and to develop habits to surmount them. Working with leaders at all levels, from Executive Directors and Vice Presidents to Directors, we help you identify and overcome your blind spots and broaden your range of communication styles. These steps enable you to collect more information, make more informed decisions, and rally others more passionately around them. As executives grow, DRi’s clients become better at aligning their actions and decisions with goals and resources, leading to improved results as well as individual empowerment and accomplishment.

Make Your Non-Profit Easier to Lead

Executive coaching creates leaders who are models of growth on an individual level, but those leaders are also better at building organizational cultures with a growth mindset. In those organizations, the workplace is a learning environment, teams are resilient in the face of challenge, and people have a shared openness to positive change. By working on their own leadership styles, executives can change the tenor of an entire organization—making it is easier to lead.

How to Get Executive Coaching

DRi works with non-profit organizations to arrange executive coaching for leaders. We also work directly with executives who are interested in pursuing their own growth. Contact us to get an initial consultation.