Board Search

The Board of Directors sets the tone for everything a non-profit does. Who serves, how they work together, and how they work with the CEO and executive leadership team establish the parameters for your reputation, revenue generation, structural health, and program growth. It is a heavy weight for a volunteer Board to bear. As a seasoned, trusted, and deeply skilled executive search and development consulting partner to governing Boards of Directors, DRi has both the stature and skills to help Boards take the first step by expanding their own members.

Our record of service to Boards, in both executive search and development consulting, has allowed us to work with professionals in every sector—government officials, military officers, entrepreneurs, academics, and artists. We have coached search committees through complex hires, facilitated Board members’ strategic planning processes, and trained Board members to participate in fundraising. Our comprehensive understanding of the needs and responsibilities of Board members, paired with our extensive network and reputation, allows us to recruit members critical to organizational growth, including members who bring these critical skills:

  • Credibility: All Boards need individuals who possess credentials/experiences that are relevant to the mission of the organization (e.g., global health).
  • Business Acumen: Boards need individuals who bring professional experience in business functions such as finance or human resources. Such individuals help ensure the legal and fiduciary health of the organization.
  • Advocacy/Awareness: Boards also need individuals who can help lobby for policies that influence the mission, as well as individuals who can help increase awareness of the organization.
  • Fundraising: Each Board needs individuals who can make connections, cultivate and solicit major donors, effectively influence others to give, and provide leadership for high-level events.

The hallmarks of DRi’s executive search process lend themselves to effective Board search. As we do in every search, we coordinate closely with stakeholders to create a recruitment process that aligns seamlessly with your non-profit’s strategic direction at every step, from identification of prospective members to the development of recruitment materials. We tap our network of tens of thousands of leaders in every sector to build a pool of potential members; screen candidates to ensure they can fill fiduciary responsibilities, have a demonstrated passion for your mission, have adequate time to serve on your Board, and can meet any fundraising requirements; and cultivate interest among the most promising prospects.

We continue to shepherd the process as actively as our clients prefer. DRi has arranged and prepared current Board members and leadership staff for cultivation meetings; steered the Board through the voting process; and ensured a positive experience for the candidates and a positive recruitment.