Our Candidate Advantage

At DRi, we take a different approach to executive search. While we are hired by non-profit organizations, we believe that we serve our clients best by providing exceptional service to our candidates.

Most executive search firms employ a “cradle to grave” model that requires a single consultant to manage all stages of a search process, from developing the job description to the details of candidate placement. But as client needs command the consultant’s attention, candidates can get shortchanged—or delegated to assistants who must shuffle them among dozens of other tasks.

DRi changes this dynamic by employing a dedicated Candidate Stewardship manager. Drawing on our thorough knowledge of the non-profit sector, we have translated fundraising stewardship into executive search by giving one staff member the sole responsibility of addressing the needs of applicants as they go through what can be a demanding interview process.

The Candidate Stewardship Model

  • Continuous Point of Contact: You do not have to go through gatekeepers or continually explain your needs to multiple staff members. At any moment, you can reach a dedicated staff member whose job is to be familiar with your situation and to address your needs.
  • Comprehensive Interview Support: You will receive full support from our Candidate Stewardship Associate as you prepare for a client interview. You can expect to receive key background material about your prospective employer, biographies of your interviewers, a thorough presentation of travel options compatible with your schedule and preferences, and coordination of an individualized prep session with our search leader.
  • Quick Feedback: As you move through the interview process, you can expect our Candidate Stewardship Associate to keep you informed at every step of the process and to answer new questions as they arise. This level of service continues until the search closes.
  • Connection On the Job: We want to make sure things go well after you join an organization. Our Candidate Stewardship Associate will be in touch to see if there is assistance DRi can offer during your transition to a new position.

While our Candidate Stewardship manager is a key member of our team, all of DRi‘s staff works together to address candidate needs.

Our executive search staff will get to know you

At DRi, we invest in knowing our candidates well so that we can identify the right fit when it comes along. We believe this approach to executive search does an ideal job of matching high-quality candidates to our innovative clients, ensuring that both are able to grow together and make their biggest impact on the world. The first DRi search you see may not be the right opportunity for you, but we will stay in touch over the long term and help you find that opportunity. That is our pledge to the non-profit leaders we work with.

Our search and communications staff will help you put your best foot forward

We want you to present your best self to prospective employers. That is why DRi offers a free resume review to non-profit fundraising leaders. You can submit your resume for a review by a member of our executive search team, who will tell you what kind of reception it will get from a gate-keeper at a non-profit organization and help you get past that gate in your next job search. It’s also why our search leader may hold a consultation with you before a client interview to make sure you have all the information you need to be prepared.

 To begin a conversation with us about your career goals, email [email protected].