Product and Technology Team (Markup)

The Markup
New York, NY

DRi is assisting The Markup with multiple searches for members of a new product and technology team.

The Markup ( is a brand-new nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism organization in New York City. And it’s hiring!

The mission of The Markup is to investigate and illuminate the societal effects of new technologies. With little accountability or oversight, technology is affecting who we vote for, how we raise our kids, who is able to get housing, jobs, healthcare and a comfortable life. The Markup will investigate these impacts, with the goal of holding the powerful to account, raising the cost of bad behavior, and spurring reforms. It begins publishing in 2019.

The Markup’s approach to investigative journalism is guided by the scientific method. It develops hypotheses and assembles data —through crowdsourcing, FOIA requests, and automated data collection— to test theories. It is building its first-ever product and technology team to support this pioneering work.

A full description, list of qualifications, and portal to submit an application are available at the following links for three distinct positions:

Please follow the links above to submit an application. Applications that don’t include a cover letter will not be considered.

At this time, applications can’t be considered from people who don’t already have the legal right to work in the United States. In order to work for The Markup, you’ll be required to provide documentation establishing that you’re eligible for U.S. employment.