Director – Programs for Academic Success and Bar Passage

AccessLex Institute
Washington, DC

Empowering the next generation of lawyers

As the cost of graduate education in the United States more than doubled in the 1990s and 2000s, one financial services organization pioneered loans that helped save law students hundreds of millions of dollars. Today, that organization has re-invested its loan revenue in an integrated set of projects and programs designed to directly increase the accessibility, affordability, and value of legal education.

AccessLex Institute, a non-profit membership organization composed of nearly 200 non-profit and state-affiliated ABA-approved law schools, is dedicated to becoming the premier source of clear, objective information that can guide law schools, researchers, and policy makers to empower the next generation of lawyers. AccessLex Institute is driven by a desire for sustainable, long-term choices that benefit legal and other graduate and professional education, with students taking center stage in its benefit analysis.

The heart of this strategic direction is AccessLex Institute’s new Center for Legal Education Excellence, which houses divisions devoted to three key priorities:

  1. Research and Data Division
  2. Policy Analysis and Advocacy Division
  3. Programs for Diversity and Success

AccessLex Institute is currently seeking a Director – Academic Success and Bar Passage Programs, whose mission is to oversee the comprehensive development and execution of initiatives that measurably improve graduation and passage rates for law school and the bar exam. The Director will serve as a senior subject matter expert for the Center, and in that capacity, s/he will lead a growing and national set of research, grant-making, and partnership-building activities in order to identify and promote interventions that have the greatest promise of supporting those students in their journeys to complete their degrees and become successful legal professionals.

The ideal Director – Programs for Academic Success and Bar Passage Programs will have:

  • 8 to 10 years of professional experience in research and/or program development; some experience working in a non-profit setting is preferred.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of at least one of the issue areas of Programs for Academic Success and Bar Passage programs; knowledge of student support programs within higher education is preferred.
  • Record of managing and evaluating the development of complex multi-stakeholder projects or programs.
  • Experience coordinating or playing a primary role in a grant-making process designed to advance a strategic set of programmatic priorities.
  • Record of building networks of program innovators, collaborators, and facilitators and of being sensitive to complex institutional and political relationships within long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Master’s or doctoral degree in social science, higher education, law, or a related field.