DRI Announces Placement of New Team at Urban Land Institute

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DRi is pleased to announce the placement of a new team of leaders for the Corporate Partnerships team at the Urban Land Institute, one of the world’s most respected and widely-quoted sources of reliable information on urban planning and growth.

ULI’s Corporate Partnerships team builds relationships with major corporations to build multi-stakeholder coalitions for sustainable development initiatives. DRi worked with the international organization’s senior leaders to steer the program through a moment of major transition, with concurrent searches for a Senior Vice President, Vice President, and Director of Corporate Partnerships. Collectively the new team is responsible for offering comprehensive account management for a set of prospective and current corporate partners and negotiating, fulfilling, and supporting agreements that lay the groundwork for long-term engagements.

Rebecca Wickline, ULI’s new Senior Vice President, is an accomplished fundraising executive with a record of building and transforming a wide range of fundraising initiatives. In her previous position as Senior Vice President of Development for the National Recreation and Park Association, Rebecca led a 16-person staff, including professional fundraisers and program officers, in a comprehensive multimillion-dollar program. Previously she spent three years as a managing director at Hayes & Associates Fundraising Consulting.

Erin Sloneker, ULI’s new Vice President, was most recently the Director of Sponsorship Sales and Marketing for Major League Baseball, where she led a team of four direct reports and worked with senior leaders to design a strategic plan that tripled corporate revenue.

Jessica Forster, ULI’s new Director of Corporate Partnerships, previously managed marketing and strategic partnerships as a Senior Manager at Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), a national construction industry trade association with close ties to ULI’s work.

The new team is an exciting addition for the Urban Land Institute. We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to ULI and to Rebecca, Erin, and Jessica. We look forward to seeing the success they achieve together!

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