DRI Announces New CEO at Insight Memory Care Center

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DRi is pleased to announce the placement of a new CEO at Insight Memory Care Center, an adult day health and resource center that defines and delivers best-in-class dementia care to people living with dementia.

DRi worked closely with Insight’s Board of Directors to guide the search for a newly-created enterprise-level chief executive role. Board members sought a new CEO at Insight to lead an organizational expansion designed to meet a growing regional need for dementia care, as the number of people living with memory impairment is projected to rise to 90,000 in Northern Virginia alone by 2025. The new CEO was charged with working with the Board to broaden best practices and innovative dementia-specific care and to scale Insight’s geographic footprint.

Today we congratulate Scot Marken on becoming Insight Memory Care Center’s first Chief Executive Officer. Scot has more than two decades of experience leading non- and for-profit organizations and forging relationships between them. Most recently, Scot served as CEO of the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes, where he formed a task force that tackled issues related to the aging of residents, including early-onset Alzheimer’s. Scot has developed enterprise-level strategic growth plans, led high-performing multi-functional teams, and strengthened fundraising programs across his career.

Insight welcomed Scot at its 35th Anniversary Celebration on June 5, 2019. “Insight’s vision is a community where those affected by Alzheimer’s disease can achieve the highest quality of life,” the organization announced. “Using his expansive skillset, Scot will be actively working to build community partnerships and create connections with key stakeholders that will help Insight reach its strategic goals and serve more in need in the community.”

We congratulate Scot and Insight Memory Care Center -we look forward to seeing their success together.

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