Interim Leadership

Whether you are creating a new position or transitioning between staff members, it is not always possible to fill a key position internally. Interim leadership can be necessary while a search is conducted. As an executive search and development consulting firm, DRi is uniquely qualified to provide interim staffing for development departments.

Interim Leadership for New Development Departments

DRi has served as interim director for numerous development departments being built from the ground up. Offering both off-site guidance and on-site support, we serve as a partner to Boards and chief executives—setting targets and delivering reports, designing comprehensive fundraising strategies, guiding staff to cultivate and solicit donors, and facilitating a transition to an internal development team that our executive search services can help build. Our partnership-based approach ensures that our interim leadership does not become a substitute for our clients’ own internal capacity but instead works to build it.

Interim Leadership during Staff Transitions

The best staffing transitions are planned, but it is not always possible to plan far enough ahead to seamlessly fill a position. DRi has the largest single network of high-quality fundraising leaders in the country—including accomplished executives who are available to hold interim leadership positions and who are savvy enough to navigate their delicate politics and to make maximal use of their opportunities. By serving as the employer of interim leaders, DRi ensures that we retain an active role in the effective management of departments and are accountable for results. The perspective of our interim staff is a valuable addition to our executive search process and helps strengthen departments for the arrival of long-term fundraising leadership.

How to Get Started

To discuss an initiative or position that may require interim leadership needs, we invite you to submit a request or to call us at 703-294-6684.