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Executive Level Searches

Chief Executive Officer / Neon Museum
Location: Las Vegas, NV

The Neon Museum is like no other. An open-air collection of towering, classic neon signs, the Neon Museum walks its visitors through the dazzling story of Las Vegas’s one-of-a-kind contribution to national and international culture, a contribution at the vibrant intersection of art, architecture, design, and advertising. Still in its infancy, the Neon Museum has tripled visitors over the last year; has received 2 billion earned media impressions; has earned a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor; and has been singled out as an attraction worth seeing by The Guardian, USA Today, Las Vegas Review Journal, and more. The Neon Museum is looking for a Chief Executive Officer who can lead it at a defining moment in its ongoing evolution as an international destination.

The ideal CEO will feel comfortable with every aspect of selling a unique cultural institution to patrons, partners, and donors. S/he’ll have a museum background—and will be qualified to spearhead the process of achieving accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums—but s/he’ll particularly relish non-traditional collections, and will excel at marshaling their unique energy and identity to attract support from internal and external stakeholders alike. S/he’ll have the stature and sophistication to do this work in every setting, from public media appearances to the internal strategic planning process, and with every audience, from the international community that the Neon Museum attracts to the passionately invested staff that has been with the Museum from its beginning. The CEO will have a strong financial background and will be comfortable providing firm financial leadership to manage the rapidly growing earned income that the Neon Museum collects from ticket sales, film shoots, and rentals. At the same time, s/he’ll have the fundraising experience and relationship-building skills to expand that revenue by leading an upcoming $7M capital campaign and parleying it into the Museum’s first formal fundraising program.


Executive Director / YWCA of Greater Charleston
Location: Charleston, SC

The YWCA is committed to the uncompromising mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The Greater Charleston association, which has a proud place in the history of racial integration in South Carolina, today embraces the challenge of re-conceiving the YWCA’s role in the continued struggle for full racial and gender equality. Focusing on the stubborn obstacles faced by communities across the southern United States, it aims to change lives in the present and expectations for the future.
To advance its mission, the YWCA is seeking a visionary and strategic Executive Director to revitalize the organization’s resources and impact. The Executive Director of the YWCA sets the tone of the organization, creating an environment that fosters unity of mission as well as strategic direction, forward momentum, collaboration, and diversity. Working closely with the Board of Directors, s/he will be responsible for generating and executing short- and long-term membership, fundraising, and programming strategies for the Greater Charleston association and for overseeing all elements of its operations, including budgets, staffing, and facilities. In all of these endeavors, the Executive Director will passionately and knowledgeably advocate the elimination of racism and empowerment of women.


Vice President Level Searches
Vice President of Campus Leadership Programs / AAUW 
Location: Washington, DC

Since its first meeting in 1881, The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been a leading catalyst for educational equity for women and girls. What began 140 years ago as a group of 17 like-minded women has grown into a powerful grassroots network with more than 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 local branches, and more than 800 college and university partners across the United States. AAUW is among the world’s leading private funders of graduate education for women, awarding nearly $4M in fellowships and grants each year. Always active in national and state policy, in 2015 we conducted 1,200 Congressional visits to advocate for the Violence Against Women Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and other significant national policies. We delivered more than 350 AAUW Start Smart campus workshops, teaching college women how to negotiate their first salary and benefits. In 2016, we will expand this program substantially, along with its counterpart for working women, AAUW Work Smart.

AAUW is seeking a Vice President of Campus Leadership Programs will join a leadership team that encompasses ten divisions: Research; Member Leadership; Education and Engagement; Fellowships, Grants, and Global Programs; Campus Leadership; Public Policy; IT; Membership and Development; Finance; and Art and Editorial. The Vice President will lead the design, development, marketing, implementation, and assessment of a roster of programs designed to expand young women’s opportunities in non-traditional spaces. Building on AAUW’s strength in STEM and leadership programs, the VP will establish and strengthen relationships with a national network of campus and corporate collaborators; will develop overall program strategy and conduct rigorous assessments; and will take programs from pilot to model to national institutionalization. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the VP will oversee a staff that includes 5 Program Managers and 4 Program Associates, 2 Program Coordinators, and several interns. S/he will also work closely with the Member Leadership teamon the AAUW Work Smart program. By ensuring effective educational and engagement, the Vice President will support AAUW’s broader national growth in members and influence.

Vice President of Corporate Development / AAUW
Location:  Washington, DC

Since its first meeting in 1881, The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been a leading catalyst for educational equity for women and girls. What began 140 years ago as a group of 17 like-minded women has grown into a powerful grassroots network with more than 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 local branches, and more than 800 college and university partners across the United States. AAUW is among the world’s leading private funders of graduate education for women, awarding nearly $4M in fellowships and grants each year. Always active in national and state policy, in 2015 we conducted 1,200 Congressional visits to advocate for the Violence Against Women Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and other significant national policies. We delivered more than 350 AAUW Start Smart campus workshops, teaching college women how to negotiate their first salary and benefits. In 2016, we will expand this program substantially, along with its counterpart for working women, AAUW Work Smart.
The Vice President of Corporate Development will join AAUW’s robust development department, which consists of three branches: membership and annual giving; major and planned giving; and a corporate development program. Founded just 2 years ago, the Corporate Development program has grown quickly to raise $1M in revenue this year. The program, which had developed innovative partnerships with organizations such as Symantec, Green Works, and Pantene, has great potential for continued expansion. By spearheading this expansion, the Vice President of Corporate Development will play a key role in shaping AAUW’s future. AAUW programs increasingly aim to enable women to participate as equals not only in educational spaces, but also in the workplace. Our corporate giving program is a key element of this focus and a crucial ingredient of the organization’s success.

Vice President, Resource Development / AmeriCares
Location:  Stamford, CT

Since 1982, AmeriCares has worked to address the health and humanitarian needs of people in communities affected by poverty and disaster. Together with its global network of partners, AmeriCares has helped millions of people confront the health crises they face, creating sustainable change to restore health and provide pathways for hope and opportunity. Today, AmeriCares is the world’s leading nonprofit for delivering donated medicine and medical supplies, both in the United States and worldwide. The organization complements and leverages this core competency to strengthen its targeted health programs, model primary care clinics and emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

AmeriCares is seeking a seasoned fundraising operations manager to serve as the Vice President, Resource Development. This individual will manage fundraising operations and determine key areas to operationalize development strategy. The VP will oversee office management, donor relations, research, and database/analytics, and will be responsible for creating and implementing donor-centric systems and processes that heighten the donor experience. S/he will collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, analyzing and interpreting attitudes, needs and priorities of partners and providing authoritative advice to the Senior Vice President of Development on established and proposed projects and tactics. This individual will manage the Donor Relations, Direct Response and Special Events teams and will be located in Stamford, CT.

Vice President for Financial Development / Armed Services YMCA

Location:  Springfield, VA

The Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) provides specialized, hands-on programs and support services to 500,000 military service members and their families each year, especially the junior-enlisted men and women who work on the armed services’ front lines. The YMCA’s relationship with the military dates to 1861; today, the ASYMCA is a national member association of the Y, with 34 branches and affiliates that support 45 of the country’s largest military installations. The ASYMCA’s programs, which are offered free or at low cost, include essentials such as childcare, hospital assistance, spouse support services, food services, deployment support, and emergency support.
The Armed Services YMCA is seeking a Vice President for Financial Development who will have the opportunity to reimagine and enhance a comprehensive national fundraising program. Working with new leadership at a respected organization, the Vice President will evaluate, plan, implement, and expand all aspects of a diverse development plan that includes annual giving, major and planned gifts from all constituencies, and special events. The fundraising program the Vice President creates will advance the critical mission of serving the families of armed services members who serve the nation.

Vice President for Development / National Building Museum
Location: Washington, DC

The National Building Museum is America’s leading cultural institution devoted to the history and impact of the built environment. With exhibitions, installations, lecture series, and awards, the Museum tells the intertwined stories of architecture, engineering, and design in an awe-inspiring, family-friendly way. Since 1985, the Museum has presented more than 200 exhibitions to critical acclaim from The Washington Post, Newsweek, the BBC, and more. The Washington Post calls the National Building Museum one of Washington, D.C.'s "Best Bets" for parents and children, and one of the Museum’s teen education programs was recently recognized by the White House. Located just four blocks from the  National Mall, the National Building Museum occupies a magnificent building of its own, with a soaring Great Hall, colossal 75-foot-tall Corinthian columns, and a 1,200-foot terra cotta frieze.
The National Building Museum is seeking a Vice President for Development who can design and implement fundraising strategies to advance the Museum’s continued growth. Reporting directly to the Executive Director and working closely with the Museum’s senior team, the VP for Development will oversee a comprehensive fundraising program that encompasses major gifts, grants, membership,  and special events. The VP will establish priorities for the development department and provide strong leadership to a team of nine staff members in order to build the Museum’s individual and corporate donor base, increase annual revenue, and lay the groundwork for a capital campaign. This position is an excellent opportunity to help a unique and high-impact institution to reach the next stage in its growth in the DC museum landscape.

Senior Vice President, Community and Youth Engagement / Truth Initiative
Location:  Washington, DC

The truth campaign is a landmark in American culture—a groundbreaking intersection of advertising and public health that researchers believe is responsible for at least 22% of large declines in smoking rates in the early 2000s. The organization behind the campaign has for 15 years sponsored rigorous research that helps generate the campaign’s evidence-based content and contours. The commitment to facts and their attention-getting dissemination is built into the organization’s new name: the American Legacy Foundation, created in 1999 by the Master Settlement Agreement between tobacco companies and 46 states plus Washington, D.C., became Truth Initiative in September 2015.

Long recognized for media campaign innovations that have won it 7 Effie Awards—including 1 Grand Effie—and 2 Emmy Awards, the Truth Initiative is undertaking another groundbreaking effort to synthesize its media campaigns with its community-based programming in order to amplify both approaches to public health and to finish the work of creating the first tobacco-free generation. The Senior Vice President of Community and Youth Engagement will spearhead this effort to re-imagine the nature of public activism while working to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Senior Vice President will have responsibility for four varieties of initiatives: youth activism, external community engagement initiatives and partnerships, priority populations programming, and technical assistance for program efforts. S/he will develop and refine new models of program design and implementation that advance participation in as well as the impact of all of these areas. The Senior Vice President will serve as an inspirational team builder who motivates staff to engage in this process and who identifies, recommends, and adopts the resources and tools needed to make it effective.


Director Level Searches
Director of Development / American Research Center in Egypt
Location:  United States

They have trained over 750 Egyptian archaeologists and architectural conservators with the express purpose of helping them to preserve their own cultural heritage. Their institutional members are among the leading universities and museums in the world. They count the U.S. Congress and the Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities among their strongest supporters. And they’re seeking applications for a Director of Development in the U.S.
The American Research Center in Egypt is looking for someone who understands the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and who will work diligently to raise public awareness of and increase financial support for its mission. Where this person works is not important: ARCE is located in San Antonio, Texas, but the Director of Development will report to the Executive Director in Cairo and will travel across the U.S. and to Egypt to cultivate supporters. S/he’ll visit with members of the Egyptian diasporic community in New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Texas; with American corporations working in Egypt; with anyone who wants to cultivate American-Egyptian ties and protect the heritage of one of the birthplaces of human civilization. ARCE is looking for someone who can take responsibility for every element of this process, from opening doors to corporate and foundation support, to tracking down communities of interested donors, to writing case statements and grant applications. Someone who can work well with archaeologists, art historians, university administrators—members of ARCE’s Board of Governors and those who are its individual and institutional members.

Development Director / Operation Smile
Location:  New York, NY

With 45 minutes and $240, Operation Smile changes children’s lives. That’s the amount of time and money it can take to repair a cleft lip or cleft palate -- a facial deformity that causes malnourishment, speech impediments, and social ostracism. Most organizations would be satisfied repairing that damage alone, but Operation Smile goes further. It has turned its hundreds of medical missions around the world into the backbone for a set of programs that engage student leaders as mission volunteers, use missions to provide training to local doctors and nurses, and advocate for a right to safe, well-timed surgery around the world.
Operation Smile is seeking a Development Director who can engage new sources of support for this mission. The Development Director will galvanize Operation Smile’s loosely distributed supporters in the Northeastern region of the U.S. into an organized network of major donors. The ideal Director will be someone who has encountered Operation Smile before, someone who will be able to tell a compelling story to prospects about what fuels his or her own passion for the mission. S/he will bring strong fundraising, relationship-building, and story-telling skills to the job, but s/he’ll have plenty of institutional support from Operation Smile: a prospect researcher, a stewardship team, and an existing portfolio of 150 prospects. The ideal Director will relish the prospect of being able to take that portfolio and run with it: of focusing on donor cultivation and solicitation; of working outside an office; of traveling regularly to meet donors in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut; and of weaving new nodes of financial support and engagement into Operation Smile’s network wherever s/he goes. S/he will have a record not only of having done these things before, but of having done them in a way that increased a donor base and revenue, preferably for an organization in the New York region. Of course, s/he’ll have the initiative and maturity to do this work independently while also communicating regularly with a supervisor—in this case, the Vice President of U.S. Philanthropy for Operation Smile.

Director of Development / Urban Institute
Location: Washington, DC

The Urban Institute was founded by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 to advance understanding of the challenges facing America’s cities. In the decades since, the Urban Institute has earned a reputation for research that blends academic rigor with on-the-ground collaborations with policymakers, community leaders, and the private sector. The result is more than 300 publications issued each year that generate practical policy solutions in city halls and state houses, in Congress and the White House, and in emerging democracies around the world. Over the last 3 years, the Urban Institute has invested in new resources and systems to facilitate a transition to a diversified fundraising program. Urban is working to strengthen foundation relationships in the midst of shifting foundation priorities and the emergence of many new players, while also growing its corporate and individual funder base. 

Urban is seeking a Director of Development who will be a key partner in all aspects of its continued transformation of fundraising. The successful Director of Development will be an experienced and strategic fundraising generalist with a strong knowledge of how to manage relationships both internally and externally. S/he will have a record as a trusted partner to senior leaders, a diplomatic negotiator of internal change, and a compelling representative to potential donors and partners. S/he will have the full set of skills required to secure major institutional donations, from identifying a next generation of prospects to building relationships with foundation staff to writing clear and convincing proposals, and s/he will combine those skills with experience identifying, cultivating, and soliciting individual donors. S/he will be able to develop a strong understanding of the Urban Institute’s research programs in order to identify and pursue new funding models to advance the organization’s work.

Director of Programs / Vitamin Angels
Location:  Santa Barbara, CA

In less than 20 years, Vitamin Angels has become the second-largest non-profit mobilizer and distributor of vitamin A in the world. More than 190 million children under the age of five suffer from vitamin A, iron, and zinc deficiency worldwide. These deficiencies leave children highly susceptible to common infections—such as measles and acute respiratory ailments—that lead to blindness, severe illness, and frequently death. Vitamin Angels has delivered life-saving and life-changing vitamins to over 45 million children, new mothers, and pregnant women in more than 50 countries. A panel of expert economists has twice ranked this mission the single most important solution to the world’s greatest development challenges.

With its tremendous growth, Vitamin Angels is poised to expand our field partners and foster increasingly self-reliant networks among them in order to improve the life expectancy, health, education, and earning potential of millions around the world. We are seeking a Director of Programs who will be an integral part of our leadership team and take primary responsibility for the continued transformation and expansion of the two most critical elements of our work: a complex global distribution network of 700 NGOs and a rigorous model of program assessment. The Director will identify, recommend, pursue, and evaluate powerful new opportunities in both our distribution and assessment programs. The Director will have the opportunity to provide strong personal as well as operational leadership to a talented and accomplished team that includes a Senior Program Manager, a Manager of Technical Services, and the larger Program Division staff. S/he will enjoy a public profile as a compelling VA representative to national governments, technical counterpart agencies, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, field partners, and manufacturing partners.

Professional Level Searches

Senior Manager, Development Operations & Donor Stewardship / Partnership for Public Service
Location: Washington, DC

A resolutely non-partisan organization, the Partnership for Public Service is devoted not to big government nor to small government but to good government—to recruiting talented civil servants and creating the conditions for them to do their best work for our country. The Partnership’s own high-quality workplace has won public recognition: it was designated one of the best places to work in DC in 2015 by both The Washington Post and the Non-Profit Times. The Partnership is seeking a Senior Manager, Development Operations & Major Gifts who can join this workplace and contribute passionately to the organization’s mission.
The Senior Manager, Development will be equally comfortable building and analyzing systems behind-the-scenes and working as a frontline fundraiser to cultivate and solicit donors. S/he’ll have a record of winning foundation grants and growing a major gifts programs, which is what s/he’ll be doing at the Partnership. In this highly collaborative organization, s/he’ll work closely with the Vice President for Development and other senior staff members, the Development team,  and the Communications team—as well as with staff throughout the organization—to help design and implement a 3-year plan to increase charitable revenue from $6M today to $8.5M in 2018. This revenue, from foundations, individuals, and corporations, supplements the Partnership’s government revenue to help sustain cutting-edge research, advocacy efforts, leadership training, and work with federal agencies and presidential administrations. The Senior Manager will ensure the Partnership effectively tracks, analyzes, and manages the fundraising process, from pipeline management to donor stewardship, to support these goals. Like the rest of the diverse staff at the Partnership, s/he will be a consummate team player who sees an inclusive workspace as an asset in the decision-making process. S/he will also be a polished and articulate ambassador to high-level supporters for both the Partnership and its mission.

Associate Director of Development / Surfrider Foundation
Location:  New York, NY

Since its founding in 1984, the Surfrider Foundation has transformed passion into protection for the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Surfrider was created by three surfers in Malibu, California who were concerned about the environmental threats of development at their favorite surf break. The group’s success became the template for a volunteer-based, campaign-driven activist network that won the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Excellence Award for Coastal and Ocean Resource Management in 2005.
Surfrider is seeking an Associate Director of Development who will take the lead in expanding the organization’s fundraising networks on the East Coast. Capitalizing on Surfrider’s significant victories in the Northeastern region and around the country, the Associate Director will build a new base of fundraising operations centered in the New York metropolitan area. S/he will have access to Surfrider’s significant existing resources and the opportunity to create and nurture a new portfolio of major gift prospects and donors who can help sustain the organization’s 30-year history of growth.

Upcoming Searches

Senior Philanthropy Officers / Wildlife Conservation Society
Location: New York, NY


DRi Searches

DRi has no open positions at this time.